Monday, February 4, 2013

2012 Resolutions - How'd I do?

Yes, I am aware that it is February.  I'm a month late in reviewing my goals for last year, and I'm ok with that.  In 2011 I had much more concrete goals, and I failed at most of them. In 2012, instead of thinking up thinking up hard tasks to complete, and then failing at most of them again, I tried to pick things that were going to happen anyway (or at least should have!).  Let's see how I did:

1) Enjoy planning my wedding.  A+ Nailed it!  I loved loved loved planning my wedding.  I wish I could to it all over again!  Yes, there were times of stress.  But just like a mother forgets how painful child birth is, I barely recall those stressful moments now. To be completely honest, I actually battled a bit of planning withdrawal  the first few months afterwards (and at times I still get a little weepy realizing that it is all over).  Someone tell me I'm not the only person that went through this!

2) Get in shape for said wedding. B+ Pretty damn good.  I started working with a trainer once a month, six months before the wedding.  I didn't really feel the need to lose a ton of weight, but I definitely wanted to tone my body.  I actually put on weight because I gained muscle and was definitely a lot more defined, but like most women, I was not completely satisfied with my results.  My trainer was awesome, but due to my work schedule (and refusal to diet to any strict degree) I probably would've needed another month to get to a point where I would have felt my absolute best.  Fast forward to four months later, and I haven't been back to the gym! Need to get back on track and roll this goal forward to 2013.

3) Go to the Kentucky Derby for my 30th Birthday! A+ Nailed it again.  I had a great time, and I think everyone that joined us did too!  I never shared any pics from that trip, so here is a taste:


4) Stick to my more routine blog routine. F Big Fat Fail.  I thought by trying to hit certain topics on certain days would keep me honest, but turns out, I'm not afraid to miss my own deadlines on this blog. I'm gonna keep trying folks.  This one will roll into 2013 in a special way - stay tuned. 

5) Plan a few more short vacations (and one really long one). C+ A -  A+ Final Answer. Our Honeymoon (the one really long one) was fan.tas.tic (it deserves it's own post, but here is a pic for now).  

Pointing to Sabi Sabi Private Reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa
But we were pretty busy the rest of the year and I wouldn't really call any of our trips to visit friends and family in upstate NY or out to Long Island real vacations (we travel up/out pretty often, especially in the warmer weather).  But I did go to LA for the first time for a bachelorette/bridal shower (remember this post?) and we did go to Detroit in the early summer for that same friends wedding.  Oh yeah, and #3, Kentucky Derby! Oh yeah, and Vermont for Christmas! And Lake George for my bachelorette! So maybe I did better way better on this one than I realized.  

Overall, I feel really good when I look back on 2012.  It was an AMAZING year for so many reasons. 2012 will be hard to beat, but we certainly will try in 2013!

I drink Bud Lights and I cannot lie. Those are 2013 sunglasses on my head, not a crazy headband.

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