Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Resolutions - How'd I Do?

Last year I had six resolutions...let's see how I did:

1) Update the extra room in our apartment.  I'm gonna give my self a D+ on this one...while we did move everything in this room around, and at one point had a place for everything and everything in its place, life kept on going and this room didn't evolve fast enough for it.  Since getting engaged this past September, this room has become a dumping ground for all things wedding.  I'm vowing (vow - get it? I need to take this show on the road, amIright?) to get in organized again over the weekend, since it's only going to get worse in the coming months.  Aside from wedding decor like old books and various knickknacks, we've received a few engagement gifts, and I decided I wanted to wait until after we are married to actually use anything that was replacing something old (like the new pots and pans).  It's my way of making our new life together feel new as a married couple, since we won't be moving into a new house, or living together for the first time.  But back to the resolution, this one pretty much needs to be rolled forward to 2012, hence the D+

2) Work on this blog. I'm gonna go B- on this one...but only because I did some extra credit in the last few weeks by finally adding some routine to this blog.  Granted, I've yet to actually post a Make It Mondays post in the last three weeks, but patience is a virtue!  I've got some solid Foodie Fridays posts and I was even able to get in a Wedding Fun Wednesdays post. I told myself I wouldn't consider advertising until I had at least 100 followers, and I'm getting there (by the way, go to the right side bar and follow me if you haven't already!!). HTML coding...rolling it forward to 2012.  But I have gotten a lot better at photography, which wasn't part of the plan, but definitely a huge step in the right direction!

3) Paint the living room. F is for FAIL. 'nuff said there.

4) Cook more often, and find more healthy substitutes for my favorites I'm giving myself a A- on this one.  I learned a lot about myself and cooking and baking this past year.  I am not the insecure little girl in the kitchen anymore.  I still make mistakes, but I'm confident that I'm getting there.  I owe a lot of that this blog for keeping me accountable and for my Book Club for forcing me to try new things!

5) Get outside!  B+ here...Tom and I golfed a LOT this past summer...and I'm still pretty terrible, but I feel like I'm just another season or two away from making a breakthrough in my game.  I've had my good weeks and bad weeks with the gym, and with the wedding deadline looming, you know I'm going full throttle by next summer (and even though the gym is inside, I'm counting it).  We've got some weekends picked for snowboarding so this resolution will roll into 2012.  But overall I'm pretty happy with myself!

6) Learn to play the harmonica. Big Fat F on this one too.  My new harmonica with booklet and CD is literally still in the packaging. But I'm ok with it!

So #3 and #6 really dragged down my average, and #1 didn't really help me out either. And one year later, I don't really care about #3 and #6 and feel no urge to roll them over to 2012, so I'm actually pretty proud of my successes with #2, #4 and #5.  I'm not great with letter math, so let's call it C+??  

Actually reviewing my resolutions gives me some motivation for picking my new resolutions.  I'll be back next week with my new list!  How did you do with last year's resolutions?

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