Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...

Happy New Year Everyone!  2011....I am really beginning to feel old! I was never really one to make (or keep) resolutions, but I think now that I have this blog, I may try to use this as an impetus to do just that. You all can keep me in check to make sure I'm progressing through out the year in my resolution/bucket list. This is what I've go so far (I reserve the right to update, add to, withdraw, and in any other way revise this list!):

1) Update our extra room in our apartment.  Putting this on the list is almost cheating - considering I already bought one bookcase and put it together a week ago (post to follow soon).  But as soon as it went up, I thought to myself that I needed to do more in the room than simply add a bookcase.  The name of this room has ranged from "Steph's bedroom" to "Kitty Room" to "Office" to "My Big Closet" (when it was the kitty room it was literally a room just for the cats, their toys, their food, their litter box, and where I locked them up to sleep at night so we wouldn't be bothered - mua hahahaaa).  I've always been hesitant to make any big purchases when it comes to furniture or decor, because I've always claimed I don't know what my real house will look like someday, and I want to wait to spend the money then.  We have already been in this apartment for over 2 years, which is the longest I've lived anywhere since graduating high school, and we estimate at least another 2 years here, so I think I need to change my attitude and start making rooms feel like home.

2) Work on this Blog. At this point it's hard for me to really articulate what that means to me...but I think it means something like gain some more followers, figure out the topical directions in which I want this to go, consider advertising, and possibly learn a little bit about coding my HTML?.  We will see about that last part.

3) Paint my living room. There was some heinous wallpaper border circling the room when we moved in.  That came down within the first few months.  Now the yellowed glue that I couldn't get off with my kitchen spatula and fingernails has been sitting for well over a year and though I always said I would never paint a rental, I think it's time I give the room some TLC.  Something basic and neutral so we don't have to worry about painting it again when we move out....12 foot ceilings should make this project interesting...

4) Cook more often, and find more healthy substitutes for my favorites. Healthy eater, I am not.  I'm not a huge sweets person, but my god I never saw a plate of nachos I didn't like.  I am a pretty picky eater too, but I have a couple staple meals I like to order from all the local ethnic restaurants, and we eat delivery for dinner more than I'd like to admit, and who knows what is really going into those recipes.  More specifically, I'd like to learn how to make things like pad thai, lo mein, and tika masala. If you've got any tried and true recipes for these, let me know! I'll never let go of my chicken wings and nachos entirely, but cutting it back to only a once or twice a month should help me out in the waistline, the arteries, the wallet, the overall longevity of my life...

5) Get outside! Again, gym person, I am not.  I'm pretty lucky that I am so petite to begin with, but my eating habits are beginning to catch up with me.  Saying I'm going to go the gym more often doesn't sound like any fun to me, but what does sound like fun is trying to get out and enjoy some more of the sporting activities that I like.  I loooove to golf and last summer my boyfriend caught the bug with me.  I got him his own set of clubs for his birthday in mid September, and I think this spring/summer/fall we will use them as much as we can.  Hopefully I'll actually go often enough to improve!  Also about 3 winters ago we tried skiing and snowboarding, and I realized I really enjoy snowboarding. It is a workout in itself!  Now that I have weekends off in the winter time, I am hoping we will get to try this more often as well.  Of course these two sports are pretty expensive, but I think it's money well spent to be outside and moving around.

6) Learn to play the harmonica. While I have a better mind to keep this one a secret until I'm ready to get up and play in front of people, typing it out for the interweb to read seems to really force me to work on this one. This will be the hardest for me I think...wish me luck!

What are your resolutions?

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  1. Haha those are some good ones! I too, never met a plate of nachos I didn't like.
    I should probably come up with some new years resolutions. I guess quit smoking, finally, for good... I have until the wedding to do it but I might try before then. We'll see. Oh yeah, and eat like a normal person.