Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions - Wish Me Luck!

So what may or may not be obvious to those without a blog is that putting stuff out there for the world wide web makes you feel slightly more accountable for your actions.  Notice I said slightly.  I gave myself a C+ on my 2011 resolutions, and given what I've got coming up in my personal life this year, I'm going to go pretty easy on myself this year.  I'm actually thinking of my resolutions as more of a bucket list - things I'd either like to do for myself, or do with my my Fiance before we get married (or at least before we have children, which will probably be within a year or so of getting married).

Some of these things are almost going to be like cheating, since they are already set in stone, but I really need to raise my arbitrary C+ to something more befitting my neurotic persona.  Here we go:

1) Enjoy planning my wedding.  I just had a freakout moment with my bridesmaids very recently...when I realized I made a mistake in the first bridesmaid dress I chose.  Luckily, all of my girls are awesome, and understanding, or at least nice enough to lie to me and tell me they don't mind getting something new (the first was only $40, so at least it isn't a huge financial burden, but I still feel defeated and guilty and mad at myself).  Overall, I've been enjoying it, but I'm sure as the date draws near, I'll have few more of these freak out moments.  I'll post a wedding status update (what we've planned, what we still need to work out) soon for those of you that are into that sort of thing.

2) Get in shape for said wedding. This one will be tough for me.  I like doing things like snowboarding and golfing, and the occasional kickboxing class, but gym rat, I am not.  I am fairly happy with my current weight, I just want to tighten up and tone all those problem areas.  I'll probably go full force with this and might even splurge on a trainer the last 2 or 3 months before the wedding.  I am not one to go on an all out diet, but I've already gotten better at cutting back on the nachos and wings. (Notice I said cutting back, not cutting out.  That just ain't gonna happen, friends.)

3) Go to the Kentucky Derby for my 30th Birthday!  This one is like cheating, because this trip is already planned, yo! I'm entitling the weekend "Tri-Kayla" (30th Birthday, Cinco De Mayo, Kentucky Derby, all the same day).

4) Stick to my more routine blog routine. This one will always be tough for me in certain times of the year (cough, busy season, cough) but I'm really trying to stick with it.  I mentioned in my 2011 review that I'd really love to re-vamp the look of this joint, and learn some more about coding, and photography.  I'm gonna throw in getting a few projects done around the house under this one too.  They all go hand in hand in my mind now (just ask Tom how often I say "this can be blog content!" whenever we are making/doing/buying something nowadays).

5) Plan a few more short vacations (and one really long one).  There is a big world out there, and Tom and I would like to see more of it.  I can only assume travel becomes exponentially harder with a kid or two, so hopefully we can find time (and money) to do a few weekend getaways.  We have some high hopes for our honeymoon (right now we are thinking Thailand and surrounding areas) because we figure, we may never have another opportunity to go so far away.  If anyone has an tips for travel to this area, please leave me a comment!

So there it is, world wide web.  Those are my resolutions. Encouragement to stick to them is always welcome!  What did you resolve to do this year?


  1. These sound like great goals. Very important, too. Some are about fun, some about health, some about your happiness. That's perfection in my book. Thanks so much for commenting at NewlyWoodwards. It meant a lot.

  2. Thanks so much Kim! So sweet of you to take a look back at my lil ole blog here. NewlyWoodwards is a source for so much inspiration for me!