Kilo Bravo, Who?


My name is Kayla, and when I was in college a friend gave me the nickname Kilo Bravo, which is really just my initials using the international radio alphabet. Nobody really calls me that, but I liked it enough to use it as my blog's name, and as a few key bank account passwords (I can trust you guys, right?). I started this blog for the same reason most people do...I like doing stuff around the house, I like getting deals, and I like throwing parties, so the next obvious step is to to share my projects with the world wide web (and hope for a book deal someday? my own talk show? general internet fame and fortune? really I just want strangers to comment on my posts once in a while and tell me I'm doing something right).

After several years of grueling hours in public accounting, in 2010 I decided it was time to switch to a private firm.  I finally achieved some level of work-life balance and decided it was high time to bring back some creativity into my life with my new found freedom (read > tax season still gets cray cray). I started cooking.  I started crafting.  I started champagne-ing (just kidding, I never stopped champagne-ing). And on October 21, 2010, I started blogging. 

In October 2012 I married my amazing partner in crime of five years. (So technically, the name of this blog should actually change to I am Kilo Whiskey, but I think I'll keep my maiden name for my public persona.  I feel lucky to have my husband in my life for many reasons, but mostly because he helped me embrace my inner nerd, introduced me to Reddit, and he makes me laugh. We currently live in Brooklyn together with our three kitties, Ella, Allen and Poe.  They are little terrors, but they are our little terrors.

UPDATE: 2014 was a whirl wind of a year - we bought our first home and made the move to New Jersey and we CREATED A BABY.  We are livin' the dream, folks. Livin' the dream.

Yes, this is literally the best picture I have of all three of them.  I think it's been easier to get a picture of the Higgs Boson Particle than my three cats at the same time.

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