Thursday, January 6, 2011

Extra Room Re-Do!

As I came up with that title, I realized, "re-do" gives the impression that I've done "something" to it at least once before, and unless you consider dumping everything that we don't want in all of our other rooms "something" I think is really more like the "first-do".

As I mentioned in my resolutions, this room has run gamut for purposes, but the after the last conversion from Kitty Room to Office/My Big Closet, it has literally become a dumping ground.  When my boyfriend moved in, we had quite a few doubles of furniture, so my old dresser went in, as well as half of my clothes, and his L-shaped desk. Slowly but surely everything else that doesn't have a "home" elsewhere in the apartment has been dumped in this room.  Have I overused the word dump yet? Am I painting a picture for you?

So here are some before pictures to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with here:

Don't worry, that is a bag of stuff to go to goodwill, not garbage!  It's a little hard to see but there is a row of books living on the back of the desk.  We have a ton of books.

One of my nerd projects is to actually paint something into that painting - like a spaceship beaming down or some Do Not Cross tape - as an homage to one of my favorite street artists Banksy.

I looove this old dresser.  My father picked it up at a yard sale a couple years ago for about $45.  Now it houses our extra linens and towels, and some of my gift wrap stuff.  Again - you can't really see it but  most of the top of the dresser is books that desperately need a home. Also - you can catch a glimpse of my certificate for the star that is named after me! One of the sweetest gifts my boyfriend ever gave me, mostly because he hated the idea of spending money on a piece of paper that says you own a star.  Mine is called Forever Kayla!

So these are my before pictures.  I bought one bookshelf from Target and quickly realized that we stocked it and still had more books and tchotchkes that needed a home so I ordered another one.  I'm thinking I'm going to leave the dresser where it is, and actually pull the L - desk out from the corner and into the room.  This room needs to be functional first and foremost, and then the decorating will come after.  Got any suggestions for me?

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