Monday, August 26, 2013

Good As Gold

Apparently I am a sucker for trends. I can't help it. I am currently on a serious gold kick.  I'm having fun incorporating into my life in all sorts of ways...

A friend sent me this simple wooden W that was already painted white.  I just gussied her up with some brass gold spray paint on the edges and now she is perched on our weird kitchen ledge (with a little golden dino from this project):

Ahh Essie brand nail polish.  I don't even think you cover that well, but I love your simple packaging and the fact that you had my favorite shade of gold at the drugstore.

I picked up this fun necklace on sale (it was only $5 when I purchased it but it looks like it's full price  online) at Urban Outfitters and I've been wearing it A LOT.  I'm usually into chunky necklaces, so the fact that I'm so in love with this guy might mean I'm about to go through a new skinny layering necklace phase.

You might remember these blue lantern bird cages that I bought for our wedding and never used. Now they are coated with my brass gold as well. A few light coats of spray paint and then two coats of sealant and now they chill out in the backyard.  When we have guests over I throw some LED fake candles in them for some ambiance.  (Especially since I am in my 30's and serve keg beer and red cups to my guests. I class it up so I can class it down, friends.)

I'm pretty sure Giant F*cking Birdcage is the traditional gift for your 6th Dating Anniversary.  We actually agreed to not do gifts and I came home to this amazingness in my backyard. God I love that man. Does he know me or what?  So what else do you do with a giant birdcage, but put a smaller birdcage inside of it, I say.  I'm now on the lookout for a dollhouse size birdcage to complete my set. A hanging plant from the top and what is left of my poor succulent wreath sits on the bottom and I'm in love. Yeah, the giant birdcage isn't gold, but you can have too much of a good thing, I think, so I'm leaving this as is.  But the little one inside is gold!

Kitteh approved.

Tom got a little creative the morning of our 5th Almost Annual BBQ  and decided to make my scrap plywood that I use as a spray paint catchall a little classy with a silhouette (that he borrowed nicely from the internet using this tracing technique).  Like San Diego Classy. I dig how layered and weathered it looks from all of my old spray paint projects.

Only two people recognized who it was.  But that's ok, most of our weird art is really just for us.

Last (for now) and certainly not least, I picked up this white and gold dipped bowl from Target a few weekends ago to house our remotes on our new-found coffee table (yes I picked this baby up off the sidewalk!) I want to pet the bowl (and the free table) the time.  The cats are getting jealous.

My plan is to eventually spray the metal on the legs gold, because, seriously, aren't you reading this post?

So are you feeling the trendy gold rush?  Do you think gardening with nested birdcages is going to be the Next Big Thing? Still wondering what we did with the empty extra room in our apartment? I'm not even holding out on showing you because I'm still working on it, I just need to get it clean enough to photograph again. So you know, sometime before 2014.

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