Friday, May 20, 2011

Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator Show House 2011

Last night I had the opportunity to visit an interior designer’s dream house, and a great fundraiser all in one. A very good friend of mine had the opportunity to design a dressing room and bathroom in the Decorator Show House that gets re-designed every year in order to sell tickets to raise money for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club.  This year is their 39th year doing this fundraiser, and I was simply amaaaaazed by house gorgeous and extravagant the rooms were.  Unfortunately there was no photography allowed, but there are tons of pictures on their Facebook page, as well as tons of great information about the organization and the designers that had the opportunity to partake in such an honored experience.  They are open until May 26th at 163rd E 63rd Street in NYC.  For only $30 admission, it is totally worth it!  Four floors of amazing design to make you drool!

As soon as I walked in I noticed there was red ribbon edging the red crown molding of the entrance way.  I was in love.  Here are some pics borrowed from their Facebook page of some of the things I really loved in the house!
First stairwell - upon further inspection those boxes are made with colored tape!
Living Room on the first floor - I love the placement of the lighting right on the matting of the picture!

Picture of my friend and the dressing room she designed! Don't think she realized they were taking a picture!
Her bathroom...
Fabulous pink and gold bedroom...I love how traditional the furnishings are, and then you get that pop art photo behind the bed and zebra like wallpaper
Another elegantly styled blue and silver bedroom.  Notice all of the wood work in these rooms? Totally new and installed by the designers!
Super cool laundry room.  I can totally hang out in there and fold socks all day!
Loved the unexpected teal woodwork in this room...
Hard to see in the pic, but that coffee table is actually a working record player! White speakers lined both walls.

Another dramatic stairwell...carpeting on the walls!
Last but not least! Amazing balcony with a huuuuge day bed. I could totally sleep out here.
 Those are just a few of my favorites! Check out the website and if you are in NYC - check out the house for  yourself! This will definitely be an exhibit I visit every year!

All photos borrowed from the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Facebook Fan page.

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