Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Season Blues

I am a tax accountant. Most people are familiar with the big ol' April 15th crunch - but for me that big push is actually over March 31st...which is mere days away!  I've been busy with work to say the least (although not as busy as when I was a public accountant, God I love working internally now!).  Hence, the severe lack of posts since February...

But, as this past weekend proved, wedding season is getting underway, and I will soon have lots of fun wedding type things to post about!  I spent this past Saturday putting together bridal party gift bags for one wedding I will be in, and spent Sunday crafting some more fun projects for another friend.  Since all of these things are surprises for one reader or another, I've got to keep it all under wraps for now...but I promise to be back in full force in April!

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