Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unstuffed Peppers

Mmmm.  This was one of my favorite meals my mother made for us growing up. It's pretty much a one-dish meal which is awesome, and, thankfully, the BF likes it too.  I always make a huge amount of this because it is one of the few meals I don't mind having as leftovers.  This recipe could easily be cut in half if you aren't into that sort of thing.

I also just like the name of it (which I'm sure either my mother or her mother made up (update - see below, guess I gave my mom too much credit)).  I've never really had actual stuffed peppers (save one time at Book Club), but I would imagine all that stuffing might be a little complicated.  This dish is far from complicated. Most of the meal is left alone to do it's thing on the stove, except for the last 10 minutes or so.

Unstuffed Peppers
Serves  6 - 8
1 lb. chopped meat
1/2 cup rice
16 oz V8 juice (or regular tomato juice, but the V8 already has some nice flavor)
1 small onion, diced
2 peppers, diced  (I like to use one red and one green for the pretty factor)
Chili Powder
Tablespoons of water (or more juice) as necessary

Brown the meat in a soup pot or large wok (this meal gets big by the time everything is done).  Drain the meat, and add onions, V8 juice, rice, and spices.  I never really measure this stuff, but I would say that the oregano, basil, chili powder and salt should all be about a pinch, and the black pepper should be a big pinch. Cover and cook for about 15 minutes.

At about the 15 minute mark I usually stir everything and see how the rice is coming along.  Often times I have to add a few tablespoons of water/more juice to make sure there is enough moisture in the pot to keep the rice cooking. This happens to me every time I make rice. Maybe the humidity has something to do with it?  Whatev's.

When you think your rice only needs 3 -5 more minutes to cook, throw the peppers in. Waiting until the end will help to keep that crunch as well as the peppers' vibrant color.  Stir and serve!

UPDATE: That b*tch Rachel Ray stole my recipe!!!!  Unreal!!! And screw the wild rice and sausage this shit is delicious as is!!  (I don't actually think Rachel Ray (or her reader that submitted the recipe) stole this.  I just like to be dramatic.  Rachel Ray is from upstate and got her start in Styvesant Plaza in Albany so I kinda love her actually.)

picture via Jaime Loves

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