Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bummed But Thankful!

So voting for the first round is over and alas - I didn't make it.  I am totally bummed (you ever have just one of those FEEEEELINGS you are going to win - you know, like the way I feel whenever I play the lotto) but I am also incredibly thankful for two reasons:

#1 - Thank you to everyone that voted for me. Really.  I asked - you answered - and I am totally gracious - you made me land at #37 out of #126 entries - that isn't even the top half, that is the top third. And that is awesome!
#2 - I definitely got more exposure from entering this contest than from any other source.  I have been a little bashful about this blog since I started it...but knowing that even more people have seen it just makes me want to make it better!  I had over 100 views from and who can be sad about that??

So even though I didn't win - I'm not gonna let this ruin my birthday that is TOMORROW!!!  You all know how much I love my birthday :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you all again!!

Go check out the top 15 and wish them luck!!  Judges will narrow it down to a top 5 - and then voting will be open again in a few days!

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