Monday, September 19, 2011

He put a ring on it!

It's a little grainy but I'll take it! At The BookMark Shoppe in Bay Ridge Brooklyn
I am officially engaged!!I am just elated.  BLESSED, if you will. I am in that whole "is this really real?" state still, and I can't stop looking at my hand.  Of course, the best part, is the story of how we got engaged.

I should preface this whole story with that I actually did have an idea that we would be getting engaged within the next few months.  I didn't know when, or where, or how, but I knew it had to be coming because we were just in that stage in our relationship.  So I have actually been really good about being a little more dressed up than usual, trying to look nicer when we are going out, etc, because I wanted to look GOOD when he finally popped the question. While this alone is amusing (how shallow am I?) it will make even more sense in a few more minutes.

You should also know that Tom had been telling me he had a gift for me all week and I turn into an 8 year old a week before Christmas when I know I have a gift coming.  And it was his birthday on the 13th, but we weren't celebrating with friends until the 17th (so why was I getting a gift from him? Yeah I didn't ask myself that once).  And that I had a few more *cough*  sodas *cough* on Friday the 16th than I maybe I would have if I had any inclination as to what my Saturday would bring. Also - we are a pretty nerdy couple and I love to read.

We groggily woke up Saturday morning and decided to split up the few errands we had to run.  I went to the store to pick up food for the kitties, and he was going to pick up my book from the our local store, The BookMark Shoppe (he finally admitted it was a book), and get us breakfast.  We throw on clothes and do our thing.  I of course picked the easier tasks because I was not feeling bright and cheery to say the least, so I didn't really notice that it took him over an hour to get us breakfast.  He finally comes home (let's call it noon) and I beg for my gift.  He says something like the book store misplaced the book and they are going to call us back when they locate it.  Sounded weird, but I wasn't pressing the issue.  I resumed my position on the couch.  An hour goes by and Tom starts pestering me to get in the shower and get ready.  He actually said "Carpe Diem" at one point.  I was not interested and asked him "since when did he have a get-up-and-go" attitude?

Afternoon rolls around and he is really bothering me now, so I throw on my old jeans, a sweater, and flip flops.  I didn't even brush my hair, or wash my face.  Yeah, I was still rocking yesterday's mascara. We take the car because we are going to swing by the book store again and then the department store because I want to look for new boots.  I tell him to just double park in front of the book store because I don't want to come in and he just parks the car without really acknowledging me.  I wasn't exactly being mean to him all morning, I just was not being my usual chipper self and was definitely complaining more than usual.

We go inside and he approaches the the front desk.  I overhear the woman say "here is your special edition book" and I look over and he hands it to me.  It is the sixth book in the Harry Potter series which I had just  finished a few months before.  It looked just like the book I had borrowed from a friend - nothing special edition-y about it from the outside.  I try to sound excited and say something like "oh wow thanks". Then I start to flip through the pages.  And I see that the book is hollowed out, and there is some white ribbon and rose petals in the book.  I still don't really get it, but then I realize his friend is a few feet away from us video taping us.  Then it all gets a little hazy...

I remember he reached in and showed me the ring tied to the ribbon and slowly took it off.  Then he got down on one knee, and said something like "Kayla Bohan, will you marry me?" and then came the waterworks. Tears started streaming down my face, and I didn't know where to look first - I think I kissed him and said yes, and said I love you, and then looked back at the ring, back at him, at the camera, back at the ring, and back at Tom. I really started wailing at this point which was very confusing for the family that came in the door at that moment.  Then everyone around us started clapping.  Women started hugging me, saying congratulations! and asking to see the ring.  Tom showed me the book again and pointed out the he had hollowed it out so that the page of the chapter entitled "The Unbreakable Vow" was what you saw underneath the petals and ribbon. I think I started crying even harder when I read that.

It was all so, so sweet, for so many reasons.  I could tell he had put a lot of time and effort into making the moment perfect and memorable for both of us.  And we had the whole thing on video! Once we got home again and it started to settle in he told me he thought I had it figured out a few different times (earlier that morning when I was trying to guess what book he got me, I actually guessed a Harry Potter boxed set). AND THE RING - it is perfect in every way. We had discussed what I wanted a while back but we never went shopping together. It is a beautiful stone in a replicated antique setting - just my style. I am in as much love with ring as I am with my new Fiance (pronounced fian-saaaaaaaay)!

So as I begin this next exciting chapter in my life you can expect to see a lot more wedding related posts on the blog.  I've gotta keep some secrets to be revealed on the actual day, but I intend to do as much of the work myself when it comes to invitations, favors, and general decor for the wedding.  Let's be honest, planning your wedding is the ultimate party of your life, so you know I am already all over this! I'm a pinning fool on (KaylaB13 if you want to follow me) and I've got my excel lists full already! Yipee!!!


  1. You will be officially part of my family!! Woot! Congrats!

  2. That is such a romantic and adorable proposal!! So happy for you both!! Looking forward to reading more blog posts :)

  3. Thanks Ladies! I am super excited to say the least!